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Loadings for China, Iran biggest customer, will be slightly over 654,000 bpd in July, up nearly 50,000 bpd from June. India will pick up about 480,000 bpd, the highest since March. South Korean loadings will be about half of those this month at 190,000 bpd.

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“When someone new sees it, it really opens their eyes

For most graduates, they want a personalized gift that acknowledges their achievement and accomplishment. For example, a military ring is a great choice for a graduate. You can easily customize the ring with the military branch insignia on one side and their specialized field on the other.

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It came in Game 3 after Durant’s three point dagger with 49

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The “fusion” cuisine served at swankier restaurants contains

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Electrolysis is the only technique that can deliver absolute

“There’s nothing to eat!” my son lamented as he stood in front of the open refrigerator door. This was, of course, a lie. We had just gone shopping and the refrigerator was packed full of all kinds of food. By keeping boredom at bay, you can settle back and reap the rewards of nature’s happy pill. “I’m so busy and I have so much stuff going on, my life is chaos and it feels like running is the only time when there’s nothing going on it’s serene,” Joel says. “I recently stopped putting headphones in that’s changed everything for me.

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