Life for a Child

Life-for-aChildLife for a Child (LFAC) of International Diabetes Federation of Australia representative Mr. Daniel Howrath visited the KLES Hospital and its support partner National Diabetes Foundation (NDF) to evaluate their performances of giving their diabetes care. The distribution of Free Insulin, Glucometers and yearlong supply of glucostrip for checking diabetes among younfg diabetic children were analysed and expressed his deep satisfaction. He visited several rural houses of these beneficiaries with Type 1 diabetes Children and expressed his deep satisfaction about the commitment of diabetes care providers Dr. MV Jali, Dr. Sujata Jali Pediatric Diabetes Care provider.

At the function conducted Dr.V.D. Patil and Dr. Sudha Raddi expressed their appreciation about the Diabetes services as well followed by lectures on diabetes education to children with diabetes Type 1 andfor their parents by Mr. Daniel Howrath. Dr. MV Jali welcomed, Dr. Sujata Jal introduced the guest, Dr.V.D Patil, Dr.Sudha Radii spoke and Dr. Sanjay Kambar gave vote of thanks.

Free Gluco meters distribution

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As the debate looms ahead, I myself struggle with how we measure a candidate’s success.
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